Catching the Uncaught exception

An android developer can surely recall the above screen-shot .For some it has been a nightmare & for some a chickenfeed . Same is  with me I used to add lots & lots of checks but as the saying goes: “There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.” (Alan J. [...]

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the Dawn

After Steve Jobs there has been a gentle fall in the products he lined up. His bold decisions are now more being criticized rather than supported. I see people moving towards more flexible & ‘open’ softwares. On the contrary there is still a loyal breed living there advocating each & every Apple decisions or rumors [...]

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Hi there!
I’m a random code monkey who happens to spend most of the day working with the Android platform . Follow my adventures, read my random thoughts and occasionally I may post something useful

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My Major Hacks include:

  • Silent installation of Android applications
  • In-app Screen-shot capturing (for all frames includes Dialogs & other Activities in a Window)